Daniela + Danny | Philadelphia

When first meeting Daniel and Danny, we found out that they are Greek and Mexican and instantly knew that they would be a fun couple to work with. We were right. Their engagement session was in March on a Saturday, and we forgot that the Erin Express was happening. When a stampede of drunk Erin Expressers came running through our shot, we took full advantage and got some really fun photos from it. We are very excited for their wedding coming up in October!


Photographed by : Joey and Mal

Vizcarra 1

Vizcarra 2 Vizcarra 3 Vizcarra 4 Vizcarra 5 Vizcarra 6 Vizcarra 7 Vizcarra 8 Vizcarra 9 Vizcarra 10 Vizcarra 11 Vizcarra 12 Vizcarra 13 Vizcarra 14 Vizcarra 15 Vizcarra 16 Vizcarra 17 Vizcarra 18

Vizcarra 19

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