Steve, Kelly & Nico | FDR Park- Philadelphia

One of the best things about shooting other photographers, is blending our style with their ideas. We rescheduled this shoot so many times, and feel like it happened for a reason because everything from this session is beautiful (In our opinion, of course). We shot with these three for a short amount of time and got some really great images, which we feel portray their personalities and relationship perfectly. Love this session!!!

Photographed by: Joey and Mal


magnotta 1 magnotta 2 magnotta 3 magnotta 4 magnotta 5 magnotta 6 magnotta 7 magnotta 8 magnotta 9 magnotta 10 magnotta 11 magnotta 12 magnotta 13 magnotta 14 magnotta 15 magnotta 16 magnotta 17 magnotta 18 magnotta 19 magnotta 20 magnotta 21 magnotta 22



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