The Dissinger’s

Tis’ the season for family sessions! This one was great, because we had two child models who loved the camera! They were a blast to work with. We got to take advantage of the little bit of color that was left outside, and it was a great day for photos. We look forward to having the chance to work with them in the future!!


Photographed by: Joey and Mal


Dissinger 1 Dissinger 2 Dissinger 3 Dissinger 4 Dissinger 5 Dissinger 6 Dissinger 7 Dissinger 8 Dissinger 9 Dissinger 10 Dissinger 11 Dissinger 12 Dissinger 13 Dissinger 14 Dissinger 15 Dissinger 16 Dissinger 17 Dissinger 18 Dissinger 19

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