Marci + Michael; Crystal Tea Room – 2.22.15

Throughout the planning period, we got to know Marci and Mike on a friend level. This couple is simply fun to be around. We had a great day shooting the day after yet another snow storm. It was very hard to narrow down our favorite images to share. Enjoy!

Photographed by: Mallory and Joey Lamb BLog-1 Lamb BLog-2 Lamb BLog-3 Lamb BLog-4 Lamb BLog-5 Lamb BLog-6 Lamb BLog-7 Lamb BLog-8 Lamb BLog-9 Lamb BLog-10 Lamb BLog-11 Lamb BLog-12 Lamb BLog-13 Lamb BLog-14 Lamb BLog-15 Lamb BLog-16 Lamb BLog-17 Lamb BLog-18 Lamb BLog-19 Lamb BLog-20 Lamb BLog-21 Lamb BLog-22 Lamb BLog-23 Lamb BLog-24 Lamb BLog-25 Lamb BLog-26 Lamb BLog-27 Lamb BLog-28 Lamb BLog-29 Lamb BLog-30 Lamb BLog-31 Lamb BLog-32 Lamb BLog-33 Lamb BLog-34 Lamb BLog-35 Lamb BLog-36 Lamb BLog-37 Lamb BLog-38 Lamb BLog-39 Lamb BLog-40 Lamb BLog-41 Lamb BLog-42 Lamb BLog-43

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