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The Wise Image is more than a photography team; we are the architects of memories, the weavers of emotions, and the artists who paint your love story through our lenses. Serving the greater Philadelphia area, we specialize in immortalizing the tender glances, joyful tears, and heartfelt embraces that define your special day. Our approach is intimate and personalized; we don’t just capture images, we capture feelings. With a blend of creativity and expertise, we ensure that every photograph is a reflection of your unique journey. Whether it’s a serene moment in our Media, PA studio or a lively celebration at your chosen venue, we’re there to make every snapshot a masterpiece. If you’re seeking a photography experience that resonates with elegance, warmth, and authenticity, The Wise Image is your perfect match. Reach out to us, and let’s create something beautiful together.n

Commencing Your Journey? Start Here with The Wise Image Photography

With years of experience in the heart of Philadelphia, The Wise Image Photography has become synonymous with elegance and creativity. Whether you’re exploring pre-wedding shoot ideas or envisioning your perfect wedding day, we’re here to guide you. Before connecting with us personally, feel free to explore our curated resources, designed to inspire and assist you in crafting a joyful, stress-free celebration. Your beautiful journey starts here.

The Art of Your Love Story: Why Choose The Wise Image?

With The Wise Image, your memories transform into masterpieces. Our photographers are not just skilled; they are visionaries who breathe life into every frame. We see the laughter, the tears, the subtle glances, and the unspoken words. Our approach is more than capturing images; it’s about understanding you, making you feel at ease, and painting your love story in the most authentic and organic way.


Rooted in Media, PA, The Wise Image is dedicated to serving the Philadelphia area and beyond. Our love for capturing unique love stories knows no geographical bounds, and we’re willing to travel anywhere your heart desires

Whether your wedding is a local celebration or a destination event, The Wise Image is committed to being there, immortalizing every precious moment with grace and authenticity. Your love story is our canvas, and we’re excited to paint it with you!

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We strive to capture the moments that become lifelong memories.


Meet the team!


Mallory Bleiler

Owner, Lead Photographer


Joey Bleiler

Co-Owner, Lead Photographer


Brittany Tran

Office Manager & Lead Studio and Newborn Photographer

Serving the Philadelphia area & beyond.

Studio Address: 6000 Pennell Road Media PA 19063